Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Captains log february 23

That's right I am sailing again for that world of the unknown. I call it the unknown, but you can just call it whatever fits your preference.
As I and my motley crew set forth on yet another unwritten down adventure I thought I might let you few people who have found my boat know what I have been doing.
A friend of mine got deathly ill a few weeks ago, so I wrote her a story. I am now fleeing the continent for a few months while I finish the second one. In this brilliantly composed story I took friends of mine and casted them as characters in the book. They all thought it was funny, so I started writing a sequel. Now I think it would be safest for me to run, while most of them are distracted with school and such.
So, until I return to this lovely land, remember. There is plunder out there waiting for you to take it. Ideas waiting to be caught and refined and sold for lots and lots of money.
Sincerely yours,
Captain Harold S. Pockets.