Sunday, December 18, 2011

Exciting things

Ahoy there me hearties! Much has been a happening since last I was a was a writing to ye, via message in a bottle.
Fer one, my elder sister has gone and gotten married. Now, i have been asked many a time this past couple months if I liked the fella', and I would just like all of ye to know that I do. He is a very fine man, and I think the both of them are lucky to have found the other.
Anyways, they be a sailing on a new journey now around the seven seas. So, I be a hopin' that they can hazard the rough waters and still keep good attitudes about the weather, no matter if it be stormin' or sunnin'.
This was probably one of the more exciting things that happened, and I was all ready for it, when suddenly my elder brother, who I have sailed with on many occasion, goes and tells me that he has gone and found himself a special someone also. How about that? Pretty exciting, ain't it?

Another exciting thing that will be a comin' up, is that I am going to be a going to Uruguay for an extended period of time to go tell people about the Savior and all that he has done for them. That's right, I, Captain Samuel (sometimes known as Captain Barnabas Pockets, if you have read any of my previous posts) is going on a mission. I be a leaving on March 15 and shall be gone for two years. So if you ever be wondering why this blog's posts seem a little old at times, it is because I shall not be posting for two years, or somewhere around there.

However, I shall be here a little longer, and will hopefully be able to finish the art pieces I have been working on. I have been drawing sea serpents for my aunt, and sketching mermaids, because I think mermaids and pirates make a good match. I shall be a putting the pictures on this here blog as soon as I have finished sprucing them up.

Thanks fer readin', if ye ever do,

Sincerely yours,
Captain Barnabas (Samuel) Pockets

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Here is the awesome art piece

Here it is after a long wait.
My little brother made the viking.

Monday, August 22, 2011

On the workings of something completely epic

Hello to all you people. That is if anyone actually takes the time to look at this.
If you do then congratulations, you get a heads up before everyone else. I am working a completely epic picture.
Of course it includes vikings, but this time it also has a sea serpent. So therefore it is an entirely new level of epicness.
Well, see you all later.
-Captain Barnabas Pockets.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Pirate Ruse

Book Report.
I just read a very interesting book. It is called, "The Pirate Ruse."
There was nothing inherently bad in this book, at least that I detected.
However, it was about pirates. So, it did hint some that pirates are not always the most morally inclined individuals.
Did I learn anything from this book? Can you learn something from a pirate, yes it was a romance novel, I discovered that as I was reading it, book?
I think yes.

In this book the main character who is a girl is given two Spanish pieces of eight. One of them is new and the other one is tarnished and worn. There were quite a few lessons that they applied to these two pieces of silver.
Such as, even though one is tarnished and worn, it is still worth just as much money as the one that is new.
They pointed out that people are like that and that we should all treat people as if they are of equal value. Everyone is important, and everyone can be forgiven and change.
It was a pretty good book. I think the author, Macia Lynn Mclure did a very good job.
She managed to write a pirate book and keep it relatively clean.

The only things I would warn people about if they feel like looking into reading this book are:
There is a lot of kissing in the last fourth of the book. I think she over did that a little bit. So if you feel like skimming you really aren't missing anything.
And, the pirate captain is in the habit of threatening to do things that he never actually does nor does he ever intend to do.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Left Behind

(This letter was found in a bottle somewhere in the north Atlantic ocean)
Ahoy thar, this be Captain Barnabas Pockets, don't worry I am not lost or anythin' though I do feel a bit left out.
You see me three younger brothers left for a few days of fun in the mountains. Me first younger brother is goin to be a helpin with the younger kids. Somethin I have always wanted to do.
So now here I be, all by my loneself except me other siblings, but you know...
Anyhoo, just thought I would rant for a little bit. Thanks fer readin. If you could cork the bottle and throw her back into the drink when yer finished then it would be much appreciated.
Well, so long chum, see ya somewheres eventually.
Sincerely yers,
Captain Barnabas Pockets.
P.S. it's times like this when ye realize that bein nice to people is a good thing. Because then they don't feel like they've been marooned.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Well, here we are again. Sailing home from a great raid.
The only damper on our voyage is that it has been raining solid for the past week.
Me, and my poor crew of mighty vikings have been bailing out our ship for the past ... forgive me, my brain is to fatigued I can not tell you at this moment how long we have been at the bailing.
Well, nice to sea you all again. Join the festivities. Me, and me crew are going to take a long needed nap. G'night.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Captains log february 23

That's right I am sailing again for that world of the unknown. I call it the unknown, but you can just call it whatever fits your preference.
As I and my motley crew set forth on yet another unwritten down adventure I thought I might let you few people who have found my boat know what I have been doing.
A friend of mine got deathly ill a few weeks ago, so I wrote her a story. I am now fleeing the continent for a few months while I finish the second one. In this brilliantly composed story I took friends of mine and casted them as characters in the book. They all thought it was funny, so I started writing a sequel. Now I think it would be safest for me to run, while most of them are distracted with school and such.
So, until I return to this lovely land, remember. There is plunder out there waiting for you to take it. Ideas waiting to be caught and refined and sold for lots and lots of money.
Sincerely yours,
Captain Harold S. Pockets.