Pictures and sketches

Dragon Ship
 Mermaid with awesome surroundings

Flambe de la castle in ink
This is Moe. Don't worry I am not feeling depressed or anything, I just randomly drew him.
I drew this one on a seminary white board over a period of weeks. My awesome teacher
was kind enough to take a picure of it for me.

This is my space dragon. It was originally drawn with pencil.

I drew this on the inside of my family's colored pencil box
because the inside of the box was boring.

 This was originally drawn with pencil too.
It is an illustration for my favorite fairy tale. "The Salad" by the Grimm brothers.

 This is an upgraded version of the picture beneath it.

This picture has an interesting story behind it. I wanted to ride a tiger,
so I took different pieces of me, and created me again so that I was riding a tiger.
I got the sword, the helmet, and my boot off of google images.

This is the first try at a illustration for my aunt's book

 This is an illustration for a book I am coming up with.

 My siblings and I were drawing. I said we should all draw
a mermaid sitting in a rowboat, and she is unhappy
because a pirate is kissing her on the cheek.
This is what mine looked like.

This is an angel. I was attempting to draw bird wings.

Ice Dragon.

Mountain Trolls interrogating a lawyer.

 Sea Dragons.

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