Sunday, December 18, 2011

Exciting things

Ahoy there me hearties! Much has been a happening since last I was a was a writing to ye, via message in a bottle.
Fer one, my elder sister has gone and gotten married. Now, i have been asked many a time this past couple months if I liked the fella', and I would just like all of ye to know that I do. He is a very fine man, and I think the both of them are lucky to have found the other.
Anyways, they be a sailing on a new journey now around the seven seas. So, I be a hopin' that they can hazard the rough waters and still keep good attitudes about the weather, no matter if it be stormin' or sunnin'.
This was probably one of the more exciting things that happened, and I was all ready for it, when suddenly my elder brother, who I have sailed with on many occasion, goes and tells me that he has gone and found himself a special someone also. How about that? Pretty exciting, ain't it?

Another exciting thing that will be a comin' up, is that I am going to be a going to Uruguay for an extended period of time to go tell people about the Savior and all that he has done for them. That's right, I, Captain Samuel (sometimes known as Captain Barnabas Pockets, if you have read any of my previous posts) is going on a mission. I be a leaving on March 15 and shall be gone for two years. So if you ever be wondering why this blog's posts seem a little old at times, it is because I shall not be posting for two years, or somewhere around there.

However, I shall be here a little longer, and will hopefully be able to finish the art pieces I have been working on. I have been drawing sea serpents for my aunt, and sketching mermaids, because I think mermaids and pirates make a good match. I shall be a putting the pictures on this here blog as soon as I have finished sprucing them up.

Thanks fer readin', if ye ever do,

Sincerely yours,
Captain Barnabas (Samuel) Pockets