Sunday, September 7, 2014

what is on my mind?

Was heaven designed to be a lonesome place?
Just one mansion with bedrooms to spare?
I don't believe that is how it should be, but it's how
I'll feel if no one is there.

Will I even make it? I don't rightly know.
I sure am going to try.
But you know what the hardest thing for me is?
The hardest thing for me is to watch friend after
Friend decide to stop moving on. There are many reasons
why people stop. Restlessness, boredom, disbelief, doubts,
Exhaustion, frusration, ignorance and many others.
I've felt most of these too, and I know that they
Are hard things to deal with.
But that is why we have the church.
3rd nefi states that those who were baptized were known
as the church of Christ. The people, not the building
are what make up the church.
When we go through hard times the church is there.
When we fall there are others who help us get up.
So why do we walk away?
Why do you leave?
What more could you want than Heaven?
Who could love you more than Christ and our
Heavenly Father?
The answer: nothing and nobody.
That is why it makes me so sad to see you leave.
Because I know that you wont find the peace you need
Or the answers to your questions.
I am sad because you are my friends and I love you.
I don't like to see you wander. ..