Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sometimes we feel like this.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Loneliness: The search for companionship

This is a paper I wrote for school on how we can find our significant other. I invite you all to read it.

the urge

There is a feeling I frequently get when walking outside on a starry night. I felt this feeling many times as a missionary walking beneath heavens with the moon and stars shining down on me, and I have since felt it here, at home, though not as often. The feeling that if I were to let go and jump toward the clouds, I would fly. I would leave the earth behind and soar toward the distant lights that twinkle up above. Sometimes the urge to leap and test this feeling, to see if I would indeed whiz up into the air, is almost irrepressible. I don't know what would happen, if I were to give in and let go. But I know that if I were to fly, I would never come down. This is why I don't give in. I am not yet ready to remove the tether and soar to heaven. There are too many things I have to accomplish here on the ground.
In the meantime, don't be worried should you see me tearing down the street in a blur, or catch me leaping over furniture and bushes and rocks. I am only practicing for when the time comes to take off and make my climb to eternity.