Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Pirate Ruse

Book Report.
I just read a very interesting book. It is called, "The Pirate Ruse."
There was nothing inherently bad in this book, at least that I detected.
However, it was about pirates. So, it did hint some that pirates are not always the most morally inclined individuals.
Did I learn anything from this book? Can you learn something from a pirate, yes it was a romance novel, I discovered that as I was reading it, book?
I think yes.

In this book the main character who is a girl is given two Spanish pieces of eight. One of them is new and the other one is tarnished and worn. There were quite a few lessons that they applied to these two pieces of silver.
Such as, even though one is tarnished and worn, it is still worth just as much money as the one that is new.
They pointed out that people are like that and that we should all treat people as if they are of equal value. Everyone is important, and everyone can be forgiven and change.
It was a pretty good book. I think the author, Macia Lynn Mclure did a very good job.
She managed to write a pirate book and keep it relatively clean.

The only things I would warn people about if they feel like looking into reading this book are:
There is a lot of kissing in the last fourth of the book. I think she over did that a little bit. So if you feel like skimming you really aren't missing anything.
And, the pirate captain is in the habit of threatening to do things that he never actually does nor does he ever intend to do.