Monday, May 23, 2011

Left Behind

(This letter was found in a bottle somewhere in the north Atlantic ocean)
Ahoy thar, this be Captain Barnabas Pockets, don't worry I am not lost or anythin' though I do feel a bit left out.
You see me three younger brothers left for a few days of fun in the mountains. Me first younger brother is goin to be a helpin with the younger kids. Somethin I have always wanted to do.
So now here I be, all by my loneself except me other siblings, but you know...
Anyhoo, just thought I would rant for a little bit. Thanks fer readin. If you could cork the bottle and throw her back into the drink when yer finished then it would be much appreciated.
Well, so long chum, see ya somewheres eventually.
Sincerely yers,
Captain Barnabas Pockets.
P.S. it's times like this when ye realize that bein nice to people is a good thing. Because then they don't feel like they've been marooned.

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