Thursday, July 15, 2010

Let's Go!

Alrighty! So we have just had a long vacation. Notice the absence of posts.
But now we are getting ready to set sail again! I am building a crew to take on my raids with me.
I already have five crew members including me. There is me: the captain.
Sven: our scholar.
Tipsy Drinkall the crowsnest fellow.
My Helmsman who I don't know his name... I should figure that out huh.
and Bloated Bob, the cook.
If you want to join my crew then send in your credentials. And a picture of what you look like.
And always remember that I am the captain and any back talk will result in being thrown off at the next port and if no port is available then you will be thrown into the drink.
All who like riches and can take orders are welcome.
-Captain Harold S. Pockets.

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